Liberation and Love
Explored through Embodiment

Energy Moves.

Embodiment refers to the experience of being fully present and connected to one's body. It involves heightened awareness of physical sensations, emotions and movement. Embodiment practices, like mindful movement and breathing, help foster this mood connection

Embodiment Sessions: are therapeutic, powerful, validating, multi-layered, hands-on or off, sound, energy and touch therapies that integrate through breath awareness and fluid movement, resulting in a deeply centered and empowered being. Supporting you to experience PEACE in order to transform your experience with grief, pain, dis-comfort and dis-ease...or simply because you choose to. 

When I am in a session with Angela I feel held. I am able to completely relax and feel myself as peace. C.B.

Understanding the Human Embodiment Field through the Biofield lens:
The Biofield is a subtle field of energy surrounding and interpenetrating the human body.

⌃See me if you are ready to center and clear your Biofield. 
⌄See me if you are recovering from surgery or injury to your breast, chest or abdominal region and are ready to feel fully integrated and deeply connected to your innate power.

S.A.F.E Breast, Chest & Abdominal Healing Sessions:
Scars, Adhesions, Fascia, Energy
Release Work~Pre and Post Surgery

Hands-on energy and fluid "movement" for issues arising from physical scars/surgery/injury resulting from mastectomies, augmentation/reduction/implants, heart surgery, C-sections, biopsy, accidents etc. Emotional scars resulting in chronic pain, anxiety, grief, shame, constipation and exhaustion. These integrative breast, chest & abdominal sessions combine several gentle and effective bodywork techniques for scar tissue and trauma release (including McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release) with the energetic power of Lymphatics (including cupping), Reiki, breath work and sound. This is a gentle opening with deep and powerful possibilities. My work, rather than being treatment focused, is supportive of your innate healing journey. 

All gender expressions and scar related issues are welcome. I am expressly inviting womxn, non-binary and trans folx who are working through surgery/procedures related to gender-affirming "top" surgeries, mastectomy, hysterectomy, biopsy, lumpectomy, any stage of pregnancy "expressions" (C-section, epidural, miscarriage, abortion) and more, because sometimes we need a direct invitation to be cared for with care.

~ I met Angela about two years ago. As a local massage therapist I was interested in working with her. She did a sound scar tissue session on me which was very profound. First she took the time to listen. Then she asked reflective questions I have not asked myself. She then played turning forks and worked on my scars. Over all it was a transformative session. Her compassionate and empathetic nature made me feel safe and secure. I felt as if I could open up about my scars and the trauma behind them for the first time. I highly recommend getting sessions with Angela.  Rose Ortiz

Your Body is the Best Body to Be In. ~me

Energy healing works well at a distance and I have held remote sessions for clients pre-surgery and during surgery, as well, uncomfortable procedures such as chemotherapy. 


Remote EnergyWork sessions (in which we agree upon a time that I am doing your energy field tune up) are $50.

On-site/In-person bodywork sessions start at $100/hr. I also add a travel fee ($25-$50) for mobile sessions. Initial sessions will generally be longer and All TBD, including adjustments for various variables.

I travel between several states and will travel for longer term engagements, TBD and deeply considered. This includes performing art tours, retreats and athletic teams. 

I do ask that in person sessions be free of strong scents including tobacco smoke and chemical fragrances (do your best to air out the space and/or have a change of clothing please). 

Zoom sessions are currently un-available except for a consultation.

Payment can be made in advance digitally or at the start of the appointment by cash. 


Necessary Disclaimers
My work can be intimate, informative, transformational even trance-like at times, but it is not at all erotic nor sexualBoundaries will be strongly respected and communicated by all parties.

I do not diagnose nor treat illness. If you are experiencing physical or mental health issues that require treatment, please take responsibility and see the appropriate health care professionals for you. I can be of support during times of treatment, pre-treatment or post.