About Me

I am a seeker of Truth and Freedom. I have a curiosity about Creation, living, Source, nature, healing, Intelligence, dying, relationships, expression and embodiment, all the things and non-things. I approach my education from many directions, and though most western education centers on knowledge, my Intelligence, my deep wisdom arises when I commune in nature. I walk my talk, often taking spiritual sabbaticals so that I continue to grow as a human and as a healing creative. I consider my work Sacred and SE^LFE (Sovereign Embodiment^Life Force Expression) sustaining. 

About Sacred SpellHz journeys to SE^LFE

Sacred SpellHz integrates the realms I study and the realms I experience. For me, the ultimate Intelligence is Source and I believe it resides in each and every cell. I experience it in nature, with stillness, movement, silence and sound, laughter and irritation, smell, taste, all the senses. I experience it in me and in you. Science has given us modern knowledge and language around some concepts and I am grateful for both the scientific and spiritual lenses. I consider my "work" Sci-co-Spiritual because of the way I observe.

Spells are often relegated to the work of witches or voodoo priests or such, cool IMO. From a scientific viewpoint, anytime we alter our brainwave pattern, we are essentially under a spell: pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs, food, entertainment, and even natural patterns of sleep, sex, arousal, etc. Hz, that is the abbreviation for hertz (how we measure the cycles of sound-e.g.432Hz) so I altered my spelling as another acknowledgement of the Sci-co-Spiritual lens through which I view the healing and integrating power of sound and frequency. 

Sacred SpellHz
, the name incorporates an appreciation for the ability to consciously enter a state of deeply creative embodiment (aka Alpha or Theta brainwaves) such that we access our innate Intelligence (aka Source/God/Soul) that is our birthright. It is not my intention to cast spells on others, however it is my intention to state shift, by choice, in real time, my time, our time. Deeply within, I believe, we know presence, peace, power, protection...and freedom. This is my journey to SE^LFE (Sovereign Embodiment^Life Force Expression). 


I dedicate this healing arts journey to my mother, Virginia Rose Niles (6/17/36-1/29/15), my biggest supporter and creative inspiration who probably never felt 100% embodied and moved through far too many trauma related health challenges with dignity and strength. Love you mom.    __________________________________________________________

Conventional stuff:

M.A. Holistic Health Education, John F. Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill, CA
B.S. Criminal Justice and Sociology, California State University, Hayward, CA
Minister, Universal Life Church Ministries, online, USA
Massage Therapy 600 Hour, Center for Massage and Natural Health, Asheville, NC
(CA) CAMTC #73114, (NC) LMBT #20063
Certified in Sound Healing and Therapy, Globe Institute of Sound, Sausalito, CA
Certified in McL0ughlin Scar Tissue Release: MSTR, Sacramento, CA
ABMP: Professional Membership

Integral Anatomy: Gil Hedley, Online Education
McLaughlin Scar Tissue Release: MSTR, Sacramento, CA  
Touch, Presence and Healing: Massage Therapy Institute, David, CA
Trauma Touch Therapy: Colorado School of Healing Arts, Lakewood, CO
Spring Forest Qi Gong, Master Chunyi Lin, Online Education, Personal Practice
Reiki I, II, III and Animal Reiki, Asheville, NC and Marin County, CA                                                     
Explain Pain: NOI Group, Oakland CA
Pressing Reset: Original Strength, San Francisco, CA
Advanced Esalen Techniques, Mobilization and Traction: Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA
Deep Bodywork: Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA
Modern Cupping Therapy: MCT Education Company, San Francisco, CA
Thai for the Table: Spirit Winds, Grass Valley, CA
Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy: Body Intelligence, Module 2, Berkeley, CA
AcuCraniAtsu: McKinnon Body Therapy Center, Oakland, CA
Ortho-Bionomy: SF School of Massage, Phase 4, 6, Exploration of Movement, Isometrics, Cranial
Clinical Hypnotherapy: Hypnotherapy Training Institute, Corte Madera, CA
Manual Lymphatic Drainage: McKinnon Body Therapy Center, Oakland, CA
Concussions and PTSD: Dave Berger, Alameda, CA
Advanced Myo-Fascial for Back and Neck: Ben Benjamin, San Francisco, CA