Geriatric & Hospice

Geriatric Massage is a modality comprised of techniques which differ from those in traditional massage therapy, taking into account consideration of the special needs of the aging population. Varying degrees of traditional and geriatric massage techniques are blended together, tailoring each session to the specific needs of the client.

Generally, a maximum time limit of one-half (1/2) hour is set for the elderly or convalescing senior, as their bodies often cannot sustain the effects of massage for more than this time. Session lengths may increase for the more active senior, and enhancements to the session (such as stretching, pressure points, and energy work) may be added as well.

Results brought about by massage therapy have been proven effective, increasing health and wellness among the recipients. As a result, massage becomes a vital health maintenance regimen increasing one's quality of life.

Hospice Massage: Aside from physical stimulus, touch provides dying persons with an opportunity for quiet reception as they focus on the touch experience. These moments of quiet reflection allow one to remember life's experiences with perhaps a deeper insight into the personal feelings associated with these memories. This quiet time may also facilitate the release of such feelings.

Geriatric Massage: Day Break Institute
Hospice Massage: Everflowing Institute

60 minute sessions in an Assisted Living Facility (includes prep time): $100
The facility must agree to provide any necessary transfers (chair to table, chair to bed, diaper/clothing).

Other arrangements and session times can be discussed.

"So very lovely. Thanks for sharing the details. I always shed a tear of happiness for my mom." Lou Anne M. (Daughter of a client in memory care.)