Relaxation for Presence. Activation for Purpose.

My healing arts practice centers around confidence and ease. Through creative and practical approaches, I focus on shifting the energy of stress and tension in your physical body, emotional body and environment towards an energy of empowerment. Your "stuff" is personal to you and our connection is personal to me. So, while I read about science and research and while I have completed traditional education, and while I practice certain "alternative" and "ancient" modalities that speak to me, what I offer is going to be based on listening, observing and applying my calming demeanor with you.

Waking Rest is focused on overall health, wellness and living through intentional relaxation and/or activation.
Ceremonial Ground is focused on supporting the heart of ceremony through relaxation and rhythm.
Workshops, groups and classes are designed to create a safe space for presence and expression.

Whether you are celebrating a significant moment in your life, whether areas of your body have commanded your attention, whether you are responsible for the health and care of family, employees, students or patients, whether people look to you for healing through your art or offering, whether you just want to release your inhibitions or feel scared, stuck or stale, you owe it to yourself and those you love to live life present, awake and fully expressed. I'd be honored to be a part of that.